Origins of the COIG.

History of the Coig in Spain.

Family Tree

The Spanish branch of the family is descended from José de Coig y Lanne, a nobleman from Olorón, France, who entered Spain in 1720 and settled in Puerto de Santa Marķa. He married Juana de Casanova in 1729, and from this union was born their son:

Juan Pedro de Coig y Casanova, who held the title of "Regidor perpetuo del Puerto de Sta. María" and married Margarita Sansón y Gueman in 1756. From this union were born three sons: first, José, who died a bachelor, second, Claudio and third, Luis Marķa, a brilliant naval officer who attained the rank of Chief of Squadron in the Royal Navy and earned a medal of distinction at the blockade of the port of Valparaiso in Chile, and participated also in the battle of Bailén. He died without succession as "Comandante General" or General Commander of the department of Cádiz in December of 1840.

Claudio de Coig y Sansón was an illustrious mariner who held high rank in the Spanish Armada and participated in the battle of Trafalgar aboard the "Santísima Trinidad", and died with the title of "General Governador y Teniente Rey de Valencia". He married María de la Natividad Macé y Ladrón de Guevara in 1791 and from this marriage were born three sons: First, Claudio Marķa who was a Brigadier in the Royal Army and married Rosario Kaiser, creating the "Coig y Lacy" branch of the family. Second, Luis Marķa. Third, Juan Pedro who died without succession.

Luis María de Coig y Macé was an Aide in the Royal Guard who died at the battle of Barbastro. He married in Madrid, in October of 1831 with Beatríz O'Donnell y Jóris, who was the sister of the famed General Leopoldo O'Donnell, first Duque of Tetuan. From this marriage were born two sons: first Carlos and second Juan de Coig y O'Donnell, Consul of the King of Spain who married in Payona with Carolina Serres. They had one son who married María Rios Rosas and died without succession in Bilbao.

Carlos de Coig y O'Donnell, General of Cavalry, was born in Madrid on the 21st of August of 1832 and died also in Madrid on the 29th of November of 1895. He participated in the war of Africa as a Field Aide to his uncle Leopoldo O'Donell. For his heroic behavior in the battle of Tetuan, he was awarded the medal known as "Cruz de San - 1 - Fernando". He married in Madrid on the 30th of May of 1860 with María de Monserrate Rebagliatto y Sorzano, who was born in Orihuela on the 16th of October of 1844, and was the daughter of Andrés Rebagliatto y Pescetto, from illustriuos Italian families, and Teresa Manuela Sorzano y Alaíd de Rozas, descended from the illustriuos house of Tejada. From this union were born three sons: Carlos, Leopoldo and Juan Coig Rebagliatto, and three daughters: Teresa, Luisa and Beatríz. The first son, Carlos, combined his surnames into the compound Coig-O'Donnell, but none of his siblings did as well.

The information in this section is largely derived from several military records that were kept in various registers in Spain.

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