Origins of the COIG.

History of the Coig in Scotland.

We researched the Scottish roots of our name by exploring every pertinent Web site that we could find. We also visited a couple of large libraries and were even able to contact a few people who provided very helpful information. But after some time, it became clear that we would not be able to get to the bottom of the question without expert help. So we submitted an order to, an on-line genealogy service. According to them, the spelling MacCoig, is one of several variations of an ancient name of Dalriadan origin that emerged in the northern territory of the island of Uist, in the Hebrides, where it appears in medieval records. The other spellings are as follows: MacCooish, MacCuish, MacCuis, MacCowis, MacKewish, MacKewsh, MacCoise, MacCoige, MacCuaig and MacCuaige.

House of Names also provided the following information:

Spelling variation among ancient Gaelic names is usually trivial. Different forms occurred sometimes even between father and son. It was not uncommon for a clansman to be born with one name, marry with another, and yet another to appear on his headstone. Sometimes a different spelling indicated a religious or clan loyalty to a branch or chieftain.

The Dalriadan race of the Hebrides was anciently descended from the early Irish Kings, specifically King Colla da Crioch who was banished from Ireland along with 350 clan chiefs in 327 A.D. Even now, there are highland clans who still call themselves the "Children of Colla". Dalriadan King Fergus Mor MacEarca defeated the Picts, their neighbors to the east, in 498 A.D. Kenneth MacAlpine, first king of Scotland was half Dalriadan, half Pict.

The island of Uist is named for the Irish king Colla Uais one of the great Ulidian kings known as the Three Collas who migrated to the Hebrides in 327 A.D. King Colla Uais was deposed in Ireland by Muedach Tireach and was banished with 300 of their principal chiefs. They became known as the kingdom of Ailech, and gave birth to the kindred of St. Columba and the Abbots of Iona. Descended were the Kings of Scotland from 1034 to 1286. The MacDonalds, Kings of the Isles, were descended through Somerled to MacCuish or MacCooish.

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