Where the Coig live.

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United States:

Luis Coig Reyes: New York City, NY
Ignacio Coig Reyes: Miami, FL
Dania Coig: Miami, FL
Pablo Coig Reyes: South Miami Beach, FL
Diego Coig Reyes: Minneapolis, MN
Anna Lisa Cadiz Coig: Orlando, FL
Javier Ignacio Coig: Miami, FL


Palma Coig de Padrón: Madrid !
Javier Coig Diaz de Arcaute: Madrid !
Ignacio Padrón Coig: Madrid
Datil Padrón Coig: Madrid
Javier Padrón Coig: Madrid
Javier Coig San Martín: Madrid
Nereida Cig San Martín: Madrid
Pablo Padrón Sanz: Madrid
Martín Padrón Suarez: Madrid


Luis Coig Diaz de Arcaute: Quito !


Juan Coig Diaz de Arcaute: Wiesbaden !
Nadine Coig Arasimacivicius: Wiesbaden